Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Why I Love Cook's Illustrated

From #82, Sept/Oct 2006: "Like communism or sunless tanning, roasting chicken and vegetables together is far more appealing in theory than in practice."


Miriam said...

There you are! Sorry it took me so long to find this blog of yours -- I kept thinking it was, like, "Veggie Tales," or "Produce Legends" or something. Anyway, it is excellent, as I knew it would be, and it gives me a lot of cooking inspiration.

Anyway, I had to write because I found the perfect shirt for you! You have to go look at it!


Miriam said...

Oh! Also, on the subject of Cook's Illustrated (which I also love, and which you introduced me to), how totally insane is Christopher Kimball? Doesn't he freak you out a little? He looks so nerdy and then he's like, "Oh, I do so love shooting wildlife on my farm." You know? Very weird.

anna said...

Yay! You found me! This t-shirt is absolutely 100% appropriate for me. I think I will have to order it! CK is an intense dude, and sometimes I wonder if he's wearing that apron all the time, and if he lives out in the middle of nowhere on a farm, how does he edit a magazine? Maybe he's not a real person!

Miriam said...

Like Betty Crocker! But totally inexplicable.