Saturday, November 22, 2008

Thanksgiving market trip and things I made today

Still no photos. Also: afraid if I sit down too long I won't get back up. Not enough sleep last night.

Ready for the not-so-big day:
1 sugar pumpkin
3 sweet potatoes
3 lbs. German butterball potatoes
1 lb. crimini mushrooms
1/4 lb. shiitake mushrooms
2 heads Rocambole garlic
3 lbs. onions
1 lb. shallots
1 bunch sage
1 bunch rosemary
1 lb. carrots
1 head butter lettuce
1 bunch Siberian kale
2 cute little squashes
6 lbs. Mutsu apples
Total spent: $70

Things I made today:
Quiche (whole wheat crust with caramelized onions, cheese, fresh thyme, greenmarket eggs, Amish cream)
Spelt bread (on its final rise right now)

Things I will make for Thanksgiving:
Celebration roast (artisanal ersatz meat roast, for fun)
Mushroom gravy
Mashed potatoes
Sautéed greens with caramelized onions
Cornbread stuffing (is it dressing because nothing is getting stuffed?)
Pumpkin pie (using roasted pumpkin and sweet potato, per Cook's Illustrated)
Ginger cookie ice cream sandwiches

There will only be three of us (though more are expected later for dessert) so I think I am going to skip another starchy side, though this sweet potato recipe, which my friend Zeb sent me, sounds really delicious. Maybe I'll make it one of these non-Thanksgiving days.

Also want to make soon: polenta lasagna with portabellas and kale from Fat Free Vegan.

I'm pretty sure that quiche is my favorite food ever. It is so nice and self-contained, and just tastes amazing. That may have something to do with the fact that it is entirely composed of butter, eggs, cheese, and cream. Maybe. Looking forward to quiche almost makes up for the fact that the sun started setting before 4 today. Almost.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Excuses, excuses

There are a few reasons why I haven't posted the past two Saturdays: German composer houseguest, getting over nasty cold, extreme laziness. But now the reason is that all I can think about is Thanksgiving! We're having a small group this year (I think about four including us) and I've just started working on my menu...and of course, I'm coming up with more "totally essential" recipes than it's possible for four people (two of whom are on the tiny side) to eat.

As it stands now, I am planning to serve:
Celebration Roast (from the Field Roast company)
Salmon (maybe)
Mushroom Gravy
Mashed Potatoes
Cornbread stuffing
Squash (recipe TBD)
Sauteed greens
Cranberry sauce
Raw beet pickles
Pie (still deciding, probably apple) with whipped cream
Alternate dessert involving ice cream (I have a very exciting idea for this but I'm not yet willing to share it)

I'm making an apple pie this week to practice my pie crust and to work on converting the recipe to maple crystals rather than white sugar. Though ever since the quiche I made last week with caramelized shallots, fresh thyme, and lots of cheese, all I can think about is quiche. It's so delicious!

Saturday, November 01, 2008

Things I made today

Pictured: granola, minestrone
Not pictured: vegetable stock, yogurt

(Pardon the iPhone photos, still haven't sorted my camera)

Beautiful morning, productive day

Photos later, once the boy and his iPhone return from errands. The Saturday scramble to get things made has become a weekly occurrence...

Kind of scattered, but the variety's decent:
1 bunch beets with greens
1 bunch Swiss chard
2 lbs. German butterball potatoes
1 butternut squash
3 lbs. onions
1 bunch celery
3 lbs. cooking carrots
1 1/2 lbs. eating carrots
4 lbs. yellow heirloom tomato "seconds"
1 1/2 lbs. Brussels sprouts
1 bunch parsley
1 lb. crimini mushrooms
1 lb. Lakemont seedless grapes

Total spent: $58

I plan on making an omelette with the sauteed mushrooms and cheese, and serving it with garlicky beet greens. We'll start the meal with leftover borscht.

This week was so hectic and rushed, dinner at home and homemade lunches weren't possible most days - hopefully now that we've both got our offices moved (and within walking distance of home!) things will settle down.