Monday, August 14, 2006

Saturday dinner photos; more about apples & green beans

Saturday night we had marinated baked tofu, which I made using a recipe from recipezaar; it was a good foundation, but I'll change some measurements next time I make it. On the side, we had zucchini sauteed with garlic and olive oil, with fresh basil and a perfect tomato tossed in at the last minute - delicious.

Tonight's dinner was more tofu and brown rice (my favorite pan-glazed tofu recipe), with green beans on the side. These beans were quite big, and not quite sweet or crisp enough to enjoy raw, but I boiled them quickly in salted water to soften and sweeten them up just enough, then added them to the garlicky pan sauce after the tofu was done, to add a bit of flavor. And I have some leftovers for a snack tomorrow.

But the real story is the great Golden Delicious apples. I may have to try to hit USG Wednesday during lunch to get some more - they're perfectly crisp and tart (but sweeter than e.g Granny Smiths), just exactly what a good apple should be. Sorry, Tydeman, you're good, but nowhere near the Golden D. Also I had six (!) apricots for lunch today, because they were ready this morning, and they were just ripe enough to be sweet without getting mushy, which is a real problem with the small variety I've been getting.

Tomorrow night's dinner will be especially exciting (and colorful) - we're having guests. Hopefully I can get some photos!

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