Saturday, August 05, 2006


Tonight's meal can only be called epic. The three of us had pan-fried tofu with a glaze modified from the A Year In A Vegetarian Kitchen recipe (I omitted red pepper flakes and added fresh basil), stacked on the plate with slices of heirloom tomato, and a zucchini/fresh corn saute. The zucchini/corn dish was similar to the ratatouille/succotash described below, but I kept it simple - just olive oil, two shallots, two zucchini, and kernels from four ears of corn - adding the tomato and basil flavors to the tofu instead. It was so good. I only feel okay saying that because I had very little to do with it - the super-sweet corn and perfect tomatoes made it easy to put together a delicious meal so simply. I will say that my plating was especially nice this evening, though! (Again, no photos - we couldn't wait to eat.)

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