Friday, October 20, 2006

Frozen spinach: meh

Shocking news: frozen spinach sucks compared to fresh spinach.

Okay, I'm not surprised. But I had the Trader Joe's "organic flash-frozen" kind left over from the e.coli scare, and wanted a green with was okay, but it was just so...blah. I sauteed it like usual, and it didn't take long - and when it cooked up, it certainly looked like regular cooked spinach - but the texture was a bit spongy, and the taste just bland. Meh.

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Nick said...

The other night I microwaved (as per the box instructions) a package of Green Giant frozen spinach. It came out inedible and smelled like rotten autumn leaves. No amount of salt or pepper could save this stringy green blob. I tried squeezing out some of the nauseating water, but that only burned my fingers, not affecting the flavor at all. It smelled and tasted so bad I ended up tossing the whole thing into the garbage disposal, and when I flipped the switch, it seemed even the disposal disliked it as it defiantly blew a slimy green spit-bubble back up and out of the drain tube.