Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Risotto dreams and white rice reality

Yet another delicious-sounding risotto recipe that I am prevented from trying by my new (temporary, I hope) dietary restrictions. Tonight, instead of risotto with kale and butternut squash (I'd sub seitan for the pancetta, of course), I had white rice with steamed spinach and scrambled eggs, seasoned only with soy sauce.

Though I have been chalking this up to anxiety and hoping I can overcome with the power of my strong will and talent for self-analysis, yesterday's blazingly painful experience post-avocado made me think I'm going to have to embark on a course of gastroenterology (sung to the tune of Firewater's "Psychopharmacology", at least in my brain).

Hence no interesting photos or recipes lately...steamed carrots, steamed spinach, white rice, yogurt, and sourdough bread (the latter two - probiotic!) have constituted most of my diet for the past couple of weeks. It's really not so bad, because I like all those things, but it does get a little boring, especially when confronted by so many delicious recipes I'm yearning to try...


Anonymous said...

maybe i can make your dreams my reality. without the cheese.

Ann said...

Still suffering? What's up with your stomach? Was it your gallbladder?

PS/ A kitchen doesn't need to have art on the walls to be artful. :-)

anna said...

anon - I hope so!

ann - Thanks for wasn't my gallbladder - all the tests came out normal (which is good), so I'm going to have to go to a gastroenterologist. Meanwhile, I've been slowly improving and expanding the list of foods I can eat, and hoping this will eventually subside on its own.