Sunday, November 04, 2007

A mild day at USG

Saturday's trip had one goal: procuring a variety of fruits and vegetables that I can eat despite my stomach trouble. Results have been encouraging thus far, though a couple of hard lessons have been learned.

Nothing to see here, folks:
7 Mutsu apples
1 bunch carrots
1 bag spinach
1 bag arugula
3 sweet potatoes
2 lbs. German butterball potatoes
1 butternut squash
1 head Rocambole garlic
Total spent: $30

My trip filled me with ambition, so upon arrival home I made myself a sandwich with the whole wheat sourdough bread I'd bought, Earth Balance, and arugula (from Keith's Organics). Delicious, but fat is a no-no, and the sandwich did me wrong: a few hours later I was in a lot of pain.

More successful were the applesauce I made, and the carrots, which I steamed and served alongside my staple, white rice. This gives me hope that the squash will be gentle to my stomach despite being fibrous...I'm going to try it tonight. I feel a bit like a parent introducing solid foods to her baby for the first time, except I'm the baby too.

In meals for the non-ailing news, I made polenta using this advice from The Amateur Gourmet, and it turned out very well. I'm going to fry up the leftovers and serve with over-easy eggs to the free eater/caretaker of the household. Isn't he lucky?


Ann said...

Tag! You're it! Let's see a post on your crowded kitchen!

Your produce sounds so nice... I'm afraid I got lazy yesterday (what to do? write for the blog or shop for food?) and skipped the Farmer's Market. Now I have to drag myself to the store.

anna said...

Ha! I would love to post a photo of my little narrow kitchen, but our overhead light fixture just died (it's been heading that way for awhile), so I think it will have to wait..."luckily" I don't have much to do in the kitchen lately, other than heat up rice and steam carrots and spinach.