Monday, March 09, 2009

News In Brief

1. Tomorrow is my final class, and Friday is my graduation.
2. Monday (a week from today), I leave for my internship at Farm in Bloomington, Indiana. I bought myself a new knife roll to celebrate.
3. When I get back I'm going to start working one day a week at the greenmarket for Rick's Picks.
4. Last week at USG I bought onions, carrots, and arugula.

That's all for now! Busy busy week getting ready for everything.


pollyanna cowgirl said...

YAY! oh, weird! For a second, the CAPCHA was "radbadgal," but then it changed to "encoluve," which is what Peter has, because he loves a machine parts catalog called "Enco."

anna said...
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pollyanna cowgirl said...

You know when you have to do the word verification in order for a comment to get posted? It's called a "CAPCHA." I don't know why. Today's is "nesopp."

anna said...

I later Googled it and remembered I had learned it once but then realized I thought you were setting your own word and were talking about something else, like maybe related to RSS feeds. It went over my head. It was early!!!

Jen said...

take some pics to share with those of us not lucky enough to join you!!! wow, have a blast ;)

katherine said...

Oh, Polly's first comment made me laugh out loud.