Friday, August 22, 2008

Ol' Strawberry Arm in the media

I have long meant to post a photo of the tattoo I have on my arm - a reproduction of a botanical illustration of a strawberry plant - but I am quite lazy. Luckily, Bill from Tattoosday recently featured it on his blog. Read his post and find out what a nerd I really am HERE.


melissa said...

HEY! omg, anna, i'm doing a zine based on my blog and one of my articles is about food tattoos. I'd love to photograph yours for the zine. (ALSO - I have a botanical illustration tattoo on my forearm, it's a wildflower.)

Bill Cohen said...

It was a pleasure featuring you on Tattoosday.Thanks for linking me. Melissa, if you'd like to be on Tattoosday too, just email me through the site.


anna said...

That sounds rad! It is funny that you are starting a zine - I have been thinking about doing that too. I guess it's the '90s indie kid in me. Email me about the photo thing whenever you want: producestories (at)