Friday, July 07, 2006

No Greenmarket today

No Greenmarket trip today because I needed things from Trader Joe's I have a few veggies left over from last week - that's how little we've been eating at home because of houseguests and business dates!

However, tonight I'm finally going to cook the snow peas - probably boiled very briefly with a little butter, as recommended by Fannie Farmer (where all vegetable preparation instructions include butter) - and serve alongside some spinach and the corn I bought from Trader Joe's. It's only 39c an ear, and is reportedly very good (and usually they're out by the time I make it to the store) - we'll see. I also couldn't resist some frozen asparagus and I feel like a traitor. Usually I bypass TJ's veggies completely, especially now that I've been avoiding bagged salads, but their California elephant garlic is loads better than the stuff I usually get at the grocery.

I also planned tomorrow night's dinner: the rest of the bok choy stir-fried with a few carrots over noodles. That will be the end of last week's veggies...maybe if I'm feeling extremely ambitious, I'll go to the Greenmarket tomorrow when it opens, and still have time to make it to brunch. If so, there will be photos!

Basil plant update: Repotted and thriving, though of the three little plants, one died quite emphatically by shrivelling up into a brown wire. If this fellow stays solid for awhile, I might invest in some more herbs for my windowsill. Too bad I've been far too lazy to make tomato sauce lately.

Cat grass update: The cats couldn't care less. I watered it and trimmed it for awhile, but now I'm tired of caring for a 5" square patch of grass. Why won't they just eat it??? If I had a juicer I'd make wheatgrass shots, but alas no.

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